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image-1Energizers & Related

The new generation I series energizer range are mainly mains powered ranging from 12 joules to 100 joules. The intelligent i Series system provides fence information at a glance, informing you of any problems immediately so you can take action to save time and money. These reliable and energy efficient Energizer provides incredible fence performance regardless of extreme temperature conditions or unreliable power supply – adjusting power output to suit your fence conditions and minimize power consumption.

Gallagher also now boasts with the worlds most powerful energizer in the market, combining the brute force power of 100 stored joules with the fence monitoring smarts of the i Series system, the new M10,000i will deliver more power to the back of the farm than any other Energizer. Suitable for fencing all types of animals, on farms up to 400 Hectares. We custom build our energizer systems to accommodate all needs from Game farming, Farm security, Industrial or Domestic.

These systems are most effective when all I-series products are added. Each energizer system can manage up to 6 zones effectively giving you easy reference which zone has been breached or broken. The time it takes to get to the right place quickly to repair it can be of critical importance as exquisite game is very expensive as well as risky too bread.

A fence of 3 km can be equipped with transponders every 600 meters to give you 5 zones. We have found that putting them too close makes them respond to error codes to easily, so spacing them further leads to a more stable accurate functional zone.

Solar Power Solutions

regWhether it be because off power costs or the lack of access to power. We can supply you with a solar power solution that will be able to provide backup electricity to your access control system, gate motor or GSM system.

We will have to asses your needs and discuss your requirements before we present a solution so please be sure to contact us for more information

Access Control and Gates

We supply and install Centurion sliding gate motors and accessories for access control. We also construct and erect sliding gates for all purposes, and for all conditions.

Centurion Gate motors are the best known and reputable gate motors on the market in South Africa, they have good all round service and are recognized as leaders in access control.

Farm Security and Game Fencing

image-6Game and power fencing are tailor made for each clients need. The specifications can be adjusted to comply with either budget or tolerance. Be that as it may we still set high minimal standards to ensure effective and reliable fences. High risk security fence as seen bottom, can be altered to present a most ferocious type fence that will rip you apart if shocked due to the razor unclipped earth wires. This is for very high risk security purposes where life threatening situations are expected – typical farm security for example.

Lighter duty security fences we use barbed single strand as earth wires which makes also for a more secure electric fence giving peace of mind. Game fencing is also tailor made per budget etc.

IMG_4600Electrified game fencing

Game fencing can be fenced for either security or just for animals, whatever the need may be. There are certain disciplinarians that are required like when you need to keep warthogs out. This usually requires either a trip wire or ant-burrow attachments to prevent them from burrowing underneath fences. Usually all creeping animals will use those burrowed holes to enter and exit, leaving them open to attack from predators which would also use them for entrance.

Elephant are very tall and clever, pulling a fence down from the top and walking over it. So you need to erect attachments to the top as an aerial and also protruding hanger with an attached (Very important) earth wire close to live wire to produce the maximum shock-ability preventing these brutes from entering. Usually a combination of disciplinarians are used to set a standard for game farmers.

GSM Management systems

image5Most energizer systems, be it for game control or security can be accessed through a GSM management system which gives you total control of system without being there. Energizer can be switched on or off, alarms can be reset and switched off, re-armed etc. Battery back-up status can be checked and even the signal strength. These systems can be programmed to literally warn you about anything just how you want it.

Diagnostics can be interpreted from afar and advise given over the phone to help customers if they are in isolated areas. The scope is endless, and in today’s world where technology is a way of life we can embrace it and use it to its full potential for our benefit. This system is a definite must for every client because it also works as an early warning device, giving you an advantage from anywhere.

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